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Wednesday Oct 1 2014

Wedding Video Getting Good Reviews in Hudson MA

Thank you to Peter and Laurie Nahass for letting us be a part of your special day at the Charter Oak Country Club doing your Wedding Video Hudson MA is going crazy!. We are very happy to see that the wedding video is getting good reviews and your friends are enjoying it! Congratulations and we wish you all the best forever!

Check out the post with the video!


Saturday Sep 20 2014

Online Video Editor will use the best footage for Demo Reel

When creating a Demo Reel, your online video editor will use the best footage from the clips you provide. Use the best of the best as your opener shot and keep using the best clips first. The clips should change often and show a range in acting skills. You have to trust your online video editor to do the right thing for you. When you get your video, share with friends and people in the professional circle to get some feedback. Here is a sample of a demo reel.

Wednesday Sep 17 2014

Videographer in Framingham Installing TV Monitors for Boston Bed Company


Videographer in FraminghamThere are many ways you can use your video. First thing you do is create a free YouTube channel. This will be your video’s home. With a couple of clicks you will share the video with all your favorite social media sites, embed it into your email and put it on your website. Don’t worry, we will do it for you! Here you see a videographer in Framingham installing TV monitors for Boston Bed Company. Studies have shown that product video increases sales by as much as 40%.



Saturday Sep 13 2014

Filming Video Tips – How to make video filming fun and less stressful

Filming-video-tipsFilming video can be fun or stressful. If you never done it before, you should do a practice run. You will be amazed at how many mistakes you make. Okay, now you are ready! There are a few core elements to remember when filming video and you should cover these bases every time.

Here are some filming video tips:

It helps to find a few locations for filming, try to remember where the natural light is and at what time. This will help you plan your shots. If you are panning to film outside, also find an inside location in case it rains. Things go wrong sometimes and you don’t want to waste any time. Time is the most important thing when filming video. You will have to think quick on your feet, so anything you can do ahead of time will help. Make sure your actors and crew know what their job is. Try to go over everything the day before, even if over the phone. Remember, have a plan B for everything. Check all equipment, especially batteries and memory cards.  Do not rely on other people, check everything yourself and be present during footage and audio transfer to make sure you have everything you need.

Wednesday Apr 2 2014

Video for YouTube – How to get it, and how much it should cost.

making-a-video-for-youtube-is-funYou are planning on making a video for YouTube. It’s natural to have many questions at this point. Producing Film or a Video Commercial has always been a mystery and out of reach for most people. The reason is cost. If you wanted to start a video production company back in the day, you would have to invest thousands of dollars for equipment and studio space. The technology today has changed that. HD cameras and quality sound equipment are now a fraction of that cost. This gives many more people the opportunity to provide video production service.

Who should make my video for YouTube?

This depends on your budget. Your 3 options are:

Option 1. Do it yourself for FREE – This can work if you know what you are doing.
Option 2. Pick 1 of the companies at the top of Google search – Here you probably get a great video, but will pay the most money.
Option 3. Find a small company. This is how you can still get a great video for much less money. Remember, you will succeed if your video looks professional and tells your story the right way.

How do I know if they are good?

Here are a few things to remember when choosing who makes your video for YouTube:

1). Almost every company will have their Demo Reel on the front page. This is a short video made up of short snippets from different videos this company produced. This is not always the best way to judge, because Demo Reels are expected to be polished and perfect. Consistency is the key. You should always watch the individual videos in the portfolio section. When you watch a few of them from beginning to end , you will start to see the pattern and style of work. Imagine being that client. Do you think the video told the story? Do you like the technical editing?

2). A bigger company with many people working on your project, will probably effect the cost.

3). You should always have all rights to the video.

4). You should always get a copy of the video.

Here is a video made for YouTube you can compare to. Client’s cost for this video was less than $1000.



Sunday Mar 9 2014

Videographer makes videos for pharmacy in Waltham MA

Videographer makes videos for pharmacy in Waltham MA

Videographer was onlocation for two days at Johnson Compounding pharmacy in Waltham MA. “It is truly amazing what kind of equipment this pharmacy has”. Said Greg, the Videographer from Boston based video production company. “They are the masters of mixing custom medications and just had to show it. This is something you have to see. ” A series of videos are now in production. This company plans to use these videos on their website, social media websites and at trade shows.  If you have any questions about producing a video, call/text  617.701.7911

Sunday Mar 2 2014

Videographer For Boston Events Provided By Video Company in Boston MA

You have spent many hours and $$ to prepare your event. How can you make the most out of this investment? Video-capture your event. Use the power of social media to promote next year’s event, share your video with people who could not attend and get sponsors. Your Videographer for Boston Events provided by Video Company in Boston MA – Your Real TV Video Productions
We are professional, but affordable. Contact us today @ or
Call/Text: 617.701.7911

Check out the video from this event!

Friday Apr 12 2013

About Event Videographer


Event Videographer provided by Your Real TV Video Production company in Boston MAThe actual filming and editing process is not the biggest expense. The most money goes to pay the people involved in the project .

Benefits to hiring an event videographer?

Just imagine all the time an d money spent preparing the event. If you capture it on video you will have an opportunity to share it with people who could not attend, and you can use it to promote next years event. This is  a great way to raise funds for your charity and get the word out. Video makes people understand better.

This is a fashion show at Copley Place in Boston. Paint The Mall Red Event

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Friday Jan 25 2013

Video Production For Web Design Company in Framingham MA

video-shoot It was a pleasure working with with Gordon Multimedia in producing a high quality video commercial. The process was speedy, and all parties are extremely satisfied! Gordon Multimedia is a digital marketing firm that specializes in Web Design, Web Development, SEO services and Graphic Design.

If you need to bring more visibility to your business, Call Your Real TV today and schedule a video shoot with us! We will produce a video that will capture your audience’s attention and engage them. Be the next YouTube sensation! Video Production For Web Design Company in Framingham MA

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