Actor Demo Reel Production for Actors in New England


Your Real TV produces Demo Reels for actors in New England. We use existing footage and/or produce fresh acting clips. The most important thing you can have as an actor besides your talent is your Actor Demo Reel. Casting Directors need to tell if you are right for the role, but without those seconds they will never know. If you impress them with your skills, they might call you in the future or share your info with other directors and agents.

What is an Actor Demo Reel?

An Actor Demo Reel is a portfolio, a collection of segments of the actor’s work in a short video. The Actor Demo Reel is designed to efficiently show the range of the actor’s skills and talents. You should use only the best material to create your demo reel.

What is the process for creating an Actor Demo Reel?

Send us your work. (We work with most video and image formats.) Our editor will use the best parts of your work to create a perfect sequence, complete with titles and necessary information. We know what Casting Agents and Directors are looking for, and we work hard to make your Demo Reel appealing and effective.

How can I use my Actor Demo Reel to get more jobs?

Start by uploading your Actor Demo Reel to your YouTube™ and Vimeo™ accounts and other social media websites. The easiest way to share your video is to embed the link into your email signature. This way, you never forget to send it. Remember – a good impression is a potential job. Find websites that promote actor talent, create your profile and upload your Demo Reel. Most of these companies have a small membership fee, but it’s well worth it. Just one job could cover your costs. Another important thing is to send your Actor Demo Reel to Casting Agents. They love actors with talent and want to represent you. Many production companies prefer to hire actors who are represented by agents.

How much does an Actor Demo Reel cost?

We offer 2 options when it comes to Demo Reels. You can send us content you already have to be edited and/or we can produce fresh content.

Option 1 – The price of production depends on the amount of clips you provide. Our Basic Actor Demo Reels start at $120. ( up to 5 clips ) * If the clip is longer than 2 minutes, please specify your time in the clip.
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Actor Demo Reel sample edited by Your Real TV

Production of Actor Clips for your Actor Demo Reel

Option 2 – Working actors have plenty of material. What about new actors who have never worked and don’t have any footage to use? They have another option. Create content. We can produce movie or TV Show scenes. This is fun! You can play any role and you don’t have to wait to show off your skills. The directors need to see you act.

1 scene – $250.
2 scenes – $450.
3 scenes – $600.

Q. How long is each scene?
A. 60 – 90 seconds

Q. Who writes the script?
A. You provide your own script or we can write it for you. Our Writer’s Fee is $50.p/scene

Q. What is a typical filming day?
A. We start the day as early as possible. We are ready at 6am if you are.

Q. How long does it take to film each scene?
A. Between 1-3 hours

Q. What about filming locations?
A. We are fully insured and that allows us to film almost anywhere, especially public places.

Q. Who is the other actor in the scene with me?
A. You can bring a friend or we can provide actors. Talent Fee is $50. p/scene

Q. Can you re-edit the scenes to focus on my partner?
A. For $179. your partner will get his/her own scenes and a 1 minute Demo Reel.

Q. When can I expect the finished product.
A. You will have your new Demo Reel in 3-5 business days after filming.

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Actor Clip sample produced by Your Real TV