Video will add visibility and credibility to your
business and help set your apart from the competition!

Video Editing and Production in Boston MA

Why are Video Editing and Production Services important for your business?

Video is a powerful medium for educating your customers and it will add visibility and credibility to your business!. Video allows people to view your facility, “meet” your employees and see your products. And seeing is believing!  Call and see how I can help you with our video editing and production services, in Boston MA and beyond. 617.701.7911

Our Most Popular Video Production Services Include:

Video will add visibility and credibility to your business!

Video Production and Editing Process

Arrival: I arrive at the selected location with a minimum of equipment and personnel (often one person) to avoid disruption and to work efficiently.

Content: : If you have a concept for your video, great!  If not, I’ll work with you to develop it.  I am great at asking all the right questions to elicit content ideas.

Set Prep: We will determine the best location, accounting for reflection, background, lighting, etc., and I travel with extra lighting and a green-screen. We can film almost anywhere.

Shooting: Those who are shy at first usually end up enjoying it a great deal. You won’t have an army of personnel watching you, just me and perhaps my assistant.

Departure: I leave the same way I arrived—quickly and quietly.

Editing & Post-Production: Relax! Your work is done – leave the rest to me.  I love transforming your raw footage into a polished video, complete with music and graphics.

Proofing: I will e-mail you your video proof for approval.

Deployment: I will show you how to create and update your own YouTube™ Channel and publish your video with proper tags and keywords so people can find it more easily.

If you are ready for a video (meaning “you want to make one”, NOT “you have all the content developed”), call me at: 617.701.7911 or email me at:


Q. What kind of video will I get?
A. The video will cover your company’s day-to-day operations, products, services and staff.

Q. What will I get for this price?
A. All Packages Include:

  • Filming in HD (High Definition)
  • Editing and Post-Production
  • Creation of your YouTube™ channel with your video uploaded and taged
  • Your copy of the video on DVD or USB

Q. Who has the rights to this video?
A. You, the client. We reserve the right to publish your video on our portfolio page and use as marketing materials to promote Your Real TV, Inc.

Q. Will there be any other fees associated with this video?
A. No. Your Real TV, Inc. charges you only once for the production of your video.

Q. How can your prices be so low compared to most other companies?
A. In most cases, there is only one person working on your project. Your agent will be filming, editing, adding all the creative touches and will work with you on your voice-over. (Note: videos on our website were produced by one person.)

Q. How long will it take to film my video?
A.  Most of the time, the agent will finish filming the same day. It’s never a guarantee with this process and always depends on the nature of the project.

Q. When will my video be ready?
A. Your agent will start working on it right away. His job is to complete yours before he starts the next one. In most cases your video will be ready in about 48 hours after filming is complete.

Q. What happens to my video once it’s done?
A.  You get your own copy of the video, and we’ll help you create your YouTube™ channel and publish your video with proper tags and key words so people can find it more easily. You will also be able to use the video on your website, and play it in your home and business.

Your Real TV (YRTV ) Boston Video Productions can provide a Videographer to film and produce your commercial or infomercial, event, actor’s demo reel or music video or make a movie. YRTV covers Boston area, but our agents travel. You can even take us on your vacation or to your destination wedding.